17 Sensible Ways to Get Your Life In Order

Unorganized? Life’s a mess? Sometimes you feel like no matter what you do, nothing seems to be working.

I get it! We’ve all been there. But If you’re seeking some down-to-earth ways to get your life in order, you’ve made it to the right place.

But before we dive into those tips, let’s see what getting your life together can actually do for you.

The Benefits of Getting Your Life In Order

Of course, figuring out how to get your life together is going to reap a ton of endless benefits. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on this journey. Right?

Here are some benefits I’ve experienced after getting my life together:

  • Better quality of life – A life that’s free of chaos and disorganization.
  • Increased confidence – Self-assuredness in the choices you make.
  • Clarity on where your passions lie – No more wondering if the life you’re living will fulfill you.
infographic of the ways to get your life in order

17 Ways to Get Your Life in Order

Figure Out Who You Are

The first step is to figure out who you are. What are your core values? What things make you happy. 

Take the time to turn inwards and get to know yourself. Maybe even give some thought to finding your life purpose. 

Here are some great activities that can help you clearly identify who you are.

1. Answer Journal Prompts

Answering thoughtful journal prompts are a great way to discover more about yourself. Challenge yourself to answer at least 1 journal prompt every day.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some self-discovery journal prompts I’ve created.

2. Start a Spiritual Journey

Going on a spiritual journey can bring so much clarity into your life, and it might be just what you need to give you an extra boost on this journey to get your life together.

But sometimes starting that journey isn’t easy, but fret not! Here’s a guide to starting a spiritual journey that’s perfect for beginners.

3. Create a Deep Thinking Space

Create a space where you can go to meditate or get deep into your thoughts. This space should be free of distractions so set your sights on a clutter-free area.

Map Out Your Dream Life

4. Make A Vision Board

Grab your favorite magazines, pictures, and craft materials to put together a vision board. Vision boards serve as a visual reminder of the things you want in life.

5. Start a Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a place for you to write out the things you want to come to fruition in your life.

Starting your own manifestation journal is simple. All you need is a book, a pen, and your desires.

Prioritize Productivity

Organization and productivity are a must if you’re serious about getting your life on track.

Are you getting things done? Following through with commitments? Are you achieving the goals you’ve set?

Here are some ideas to help you become more productive.

6. Create a Motivational Morning Routine

Your morning routine sets the mood for your whole day. So create one that keeps you organized and productive. And make every effort to stick to it so that you stay on track.

7. Follow a Schedule

Create a schedule, and try to follow it on a daily basis. Having a plan or a list of things to do ensures that your most important task gets completed every day.

8. Set SMART Goals

Each goal that you set should be a smart goal. According to Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), setting SMART goals motivates, gives a sense of direction, and provides a clear focus that increases the likelihood of you achieving your goal.

9. Stop Procrastinating

Get to work and stop procrastinating. You don’t need to overanalyze every little thing.

10. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is easier said than done, but you have to do it if you’re determined to get your life in order. The secret is to first acknowledge why you’re not motivated, and then find and participate in activities that will make you feel motivated again.

Release Negative Vibes

Negative emotions and thoughts are going to keep you stuck. You’ll need to shift the way you think to allow for positive outcomes.

Here are some ideas to lead a more positive life and release negative emotions.

11. Get a Positive Mindset

Positive thinking will go a long way. Learn how to transform negative thoughts into positive ones.

12. Practice Gratitude

Take time each day to say what you’re thankful for.

I’ve found that the more I express gratitude, the more my life is filled with good experiences.

13. Stop Caring what Other People Think

Your loved one that’s always giving you unsolicited advice may mean well, but you don’t have to live your life by their words.

14. Quit Indulging in Toxic Habits

We all have bad habits like staying in touch with a toxic person or spending too much time on social media. Doesn’t that just add to your stress?

Take five minutes right now to think about how you can turn one of your bad habits into a healthy habit.

Learn to Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Do you feel good about who you are right now? Are you comfortable and confident in your skin? Remember, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about accepting your faults and continuing to love yourself.

15. Complete a Self-Love Challenge

Participate in activities every day that make you feel love. You can follow this guided self-love challenge I created or create your own.

16. Take Care of Yourself

Make time to practice self-care. There are some fun self-care activities you can include in your life like creating a self-care kit for yourself or taking a self-care shower.

17. Get a Life Coach

If you feel like you’re not seeing the personal growth that you’d like, seek out a life coach to help guide you in the right direction.

Helpful Tips to Remember While Getting Your Life in Order

Don’t compare where you are in life to someone else’s life.

Everyone’s journey in life is different, and people will achieve different milestones at different paces.

Getting your life together doesn’t happen overnight.

Nothing happens overnight. Allow yourself time to make progress. The most important thing is that you’re putting in the effort.

You are the only person that can get your life in order.

You and only you hold the power to have a better life. Continue to set goals and step out of your comfort zone when necessary. And never give up!


Getting your life in order isn’t easy. It’s hard work. That’s obvious. But if you take little steps each day, eventually everything will come together in your favor.

It’s never too late to make the changes you feel are necessary so that you can live the best life you desire.

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