Self-Love Altar: On a Mission to Love Yourself More

When’s the last time you’ve shown yourself love? I’m talking about intentional, devotional self-love.

Yeah, I get it. You’re busy with life. But you deserve to feel whole, treasured and loved each day.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve practiced self-love. Or maybe you regularly struggle with self-love.

Whatever the reason, today is the day you’re going to make some changes. You’re going to learn how to create a self-love altar and how to use it regularly.

But wait, what is a self-love altar?

a self altar with a candle and sage

What is a Self-Love Altar?

A self-love altar is a space that you create to inspire and motivate you to practice self love on a daily basis. It is a physical manifestation of the love you have for yourself expressed through items that represent who you are and what you want in life.

Your altar is where you go to instill positive energy into yourself to recognize your self-worth while also using it as a space to reflect, relax, and feel good.

This sacred altar is devotion to your higher self.

Choose a Sacred Space for Your Altar

Now let’s talk about choosing a spot for your altar.

First, choose a space that inspires you. The space should be quiet, clean, and free of outside distractions. This could be anywhere in your home or even outside.

Do you have a favorite room in your home? Or are you one with nature and spend the majority of your time outside?

If you want to keep your altar private from visitors, choose a spot where your personal alter can easily be concealed if needed.

Second, decide on a sturdy foundation. Maybe your coffee table, nightstand, or even a shelf will do. Furthermore, make sure the foundation you choose is big enough to hold all the items you’ll be placing on your self-love altar.

Also, choose a space where you can see your altar daily. You’ll be constantly reminded of the work you’re doing to love yourself more.

Now that you’re aware of what goes into choosing a sacred space, let’s go over what to put on a self-love altar.

Items to Include on a Self-Love Altar

So, what do you put on a self-love altar? You should decorate your self-love altar with meaningful items. So think about things that make you feel at peace or loved and honored. Choose items that make you feel grounded and whole.

Here are some ideas of some things you can include on your altar.

Altar Cloth

An altar cloth will cover the top of whatever you have chosen to be your altar. Since this is a self-love altar, go for something that has the colors of pink or red

A Mirror

Mirrors serve as a reminder to appreciate and admire what you see. The person staring back at you is all that matters. You don’t need anyone else to validate your worthiness.


A photograph of yourself when you were happy and felt full of love. This photograph should bring you immense joy every time you look at it.

Love Letter

Write a love letter to yourself detailing all of the things you love about yourself. Don’t be modest. Or you can include a love letter a special person has written to you.

Personal Journal

Use it to manifest more self-love. Show your gratitude by writing down all the things you’re thankful for. Write down what you feel and the things you want to release.


Candles are representative of energy. Energy you can use to relax, meditate, and build a deeper connection with yourself. Add a scented candle for something extra!


Incense, depending on which ones, have several uses.

Here are some of my favorites. The Moon incense raises feminine energy while the Against Jealousy incense wards off envious people and feelings.

5 types of incense sticks


Your favorite perfume or body spray that makes you feel like a goddess.


Crystals act similarly to candles as they also help shift energy. You can include pink diamond or rose quartz on your altar.


Put your favorite deities on your sacred altar or choose deities that represent self-love.

Here are some goddesses of beauty and love you can add: Aphrodite, Venus, and Hera

How to Use Your Self-Love Altar

Now let’s get into how to regularly incorporate this beautiful altar into your life. Try to spend time at your altar every day. Here’s a really simple routine you can follow:

  • Cleanse the sacred space. This is the first thing you want to do to remove any negative energy. You can burn sage to cleanse.
  • Light your candles or incense to set the mood for the powerful inner-work you’re about to embark upon.
  • Allow your intuition to guide you on what sacred objects you should interact act with next.
  • Chant positive affirmations or say a prayer.
  • Read the love letter out loud. Speak every word with confidence because it’s your truth.
  • Write in your journal. Map out your desires and self-love intention.


Self-love altars are a sacred space where you can go to truly connect with yourself. Decorate the altar with items that are meaningful. Try to spend a few moments at your altar each day.

And remember, dedicating time to love yourself is the ultimate act of self-care.

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