15 Waning Moon Journal Prompts for Gratitude and Release (Free Printable)

Is it just me? Or is the waning moon phase not as popular as other moon phases? Well, let’s give it all the recognition it deserves today.

journal prompts for the waning moon

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So, What does the Waning Moon Symbolize?

The waning moon symbolizes gratitude. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all of the things that you’re grateful for. 

It also symbolizes release. The releasing of things in your life that no longer serve you. And also reducing your negative thoughts and emotions.

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Waning Moon Journal Prompts

Here are 15 waning moon journal prompts to encourage gratitude and releasing things that are weighing you down. I’ve broken the prompts out into three parts:

  • Feel the Gratitude: These gratitude prompts are to help you reflect on your relationship with gratitude.
  • Release What No Longer Serves You: These prompts will make you dig deep and identify fears that are holding you back from releasing and letting go.
  • Say Bye to Negativity: These prompts are for assessing emotions and situations that influence negativity in our lives.
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Feel the Gratitude

1. What does gratitude mean to me? How important is gratitude in your life? Is it something that you practice every day? Do you have a gratitude journal?

2. What have I been grateful for over the last month? Get detailed. Write out the situation, how it made you feel, and the impact it has had on your life.

3. What are three things that I am most grateful for in my life? Think about major things that have helped to shape you into the person you are today.

4. Write about my gratitude journey. Reflect on how gratitude first showed up in your life or when you began to actively practice it. How have your feelings about gratitude changed over the years?

5. What will I be grateful for next month? Use this question to help you think about what intentions you want to set during the new moon phase. 

a quote about the waning moon and letting go

Release What No Longer Serves You

6. What fears do I have about releasing things that no longer work for me? Identify what you’re afraid of as it relates to letting go. Why do these fears arise for you? 

7. What are some things in my physical spaces that no longer bring me joy or serve a purpose? Think about spaces where you spend most of your time. What items in these spaces can be removed?

waning moon journaling prompts

8. What relationships do I have that are supportive? Which relationships are one-sided or full of drama? Evaluate your relationships. Write about how you can distance yourself from relationships that don’t make you happy. How will you feel after putting space between you and that person?

9. What is something that I need to move on from? Dig deep for this one. What is something that you know you need to move on from but have been hesitant to do so?

10. What things in my life no longer have any importance? Take inventory of your life and your surroundings. What is no longer working for you?

Reducing Negativity

11. What is a limiting belief that I hold about myself? How can I turn it into a new belief? Think about something that you believe about yourself that is holding you back in life. Now try restructuring this belief into something positive, but also something that you believe to be true.

12. What is the main source of negativity in my life and what can I do about it? What is something that always brings up negative emotions for you? How can you reduce or eliminate it?

13. What are some bad habits I need to rid myself of? What are your bad habits? How can you reshape them?

14. What would my life look like with more positivity and peace? How would you feel with more calm in your life? What steps can you take to get to that place?

15. What three positive affirmations I can repeat to myself to reduce negative thoughts and emotions? Try to create your own affirmations and write them down.

Final Thoughts

The waning moon phase is all about feelings of thankfulness while also removing things in your life that prevent you from progressing.

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