How to Write a Manifestation List for Whatever You Desire

So, what do you know about manifesting? 

If you’ve never been intentional about manifesting the things you desire in life, then the word manifestation probably sounds mysterious and probably a bit supernatural.

Well, let’s clear that up.

Manifestation is simply taking some sort of action, whether it be physical or mental, to bring things into your life.

One physical way to do this is through a manifestation list. So, I’m going to show you how to write a manifestation list. And not just any kind, but one that actually works.

an open journal to write down a manifestation list

What is a Manifestation List and Why You Need One?

A manifestation list is a list of things you write down that you want to see come to fruition in your life. It’s a document that holds the feelings and energy of things you want to attract.

Creating a manifestation list requires you to take action toward your goals and dreams.

If you’re serious about making changes in your life and you want a little bump from the universe to help you get there, you can’t go wrong with a manifestation list.


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How to Write a Manifestation List

Writing a manifestation list isn’t hard. To write a good manifestation list, there are some simple steps you’ll want to follow to ensure you’ve done everything in your power to make sure you’ve put the energy out there for your manifestation to come true. Here’s how to do it in 7 simple steps.

Step 1: Gain Clarity About What You Want

You have to be clear about what it is you want to manifest. What is something you know without a doubt you deserve? How would getting this thing change your life for the better?

You need to be specific. 

Maybe you want more money. If so, how much and how often? Where would the additional money come from?  

You’re ready for a new car. What color is it? What kind of car? Once you have it, will you be able to maintain it? 

You’d love a boost in your confidence to start your own business. What kind of business? Have you made a business plan?

You can literally manifest anything you want, as long as there is a way to receive it.

Step 2: Identify Blocks that May Prevent Your Manifestation from Coming True

After you’ve thought about what you want to manifest, it’s time to identify potential roadblocks. What are some reasons these manifestations may not come to pass? If you can think of some reasons why, then you also need to think of some ways to overcome each block.

If you can’t think of a way to overcome the block, then you should not try to manifest that particular desire.  

You have to work with what you got to manifest what you want.

This means that you need to have the resources and the means to receive the desire. 

Because no matter how much you want to manifest something, if there are no avenues to receive it through, it won’t come.

Step 3: Choose One Spot to Keep Your Lists Together

Pick one location to keep all of your manifestations together. Even if it’s just loose pieces of paper tucked inside a folder. 

Here’s why I recommend keeping all of your manifestations in one place:

  • You’ll have easy access to preview your previous manifestations. This allows you to read over any of your manifestations whenever you want to.
  • You’re essentially creating a record of everything you’ve manifested. So if you’re ever feeling doubtful, this will serve as a reminder of all the things you’ve already manifested.

I would suggest starting a manifestation journal. If this is a new concept for you, you should probably check out my article for tips on starting a manifestation journal.

Step 4: Develop a Writing Routine

Repetition gets you results. So, develop a daily routine for writing your manifestation list. 

First, pick a place that makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Second, set the mood with some music and some incense. 

Grab your favorite drink – I’m thinking coffee, tea, or a smoothie. Then start writing out your desires.

Step 5: Remember to Give Thanks 

I strongly believe that in order to manifest, you must be thankful for what you already have in life. 

Living in a state of thanks and appreciation opens you up to receive more good things.

So remember to take a few minutes every day to state what you’re thankful for.

Step 6: Know that Your Manifestation is on Its Way

You have put your manifestation out there. And now it’s time to let the Universe work. 

So don’t rush it. Don’t keep asking when it is coming. 

Trust that it will come to you, and most likely at the most unexpected time.

pen writing manifestation

Manifestation List Do’s and Don’ts

Now let’s get into some do’s and don’ts for writing your list. You want to make sure you’re you follow these tips to ensure the best chances for your manifestation to come true.


  • Always be intentional with the things you want to manifest.
  • Writer your manifestations as if they have already happened. So use powerful words like I am, I have, I’m loving, I’m enjoying. Stay in the present tense.
  • Details, details, and more details. Include as much detail as you can when writing out the manifestation.
  • Write down a few things that you know for certain will come to you quickly and with ease. This will send positive signals to yourself and reinforce the notion that you do have the power to manifest.


  • Don’t try to manifest every single you’ve ever wanted in life in one sitting.
  • If you are experiencing doubt, don’t write that manifestation out.
  • Don’t write down things you don’t really want in your life.
  • Leave off unrealistic and unachievable goals.
  • Don’t manifest when you’re sad or feeling down. If you’re feeling this way you most likely won’t believe what you’ve written down on your list.

Manifestation List Examples

Here are some examples of things to manifest along with an example manifestation list.

Dream Home Manifestation List

  • I love waking up in this new house.
  • I enjoy the open floor plan, the high windows, and the farmhouse-style bathroom.
  • I am so excited to be cooking breakfast in my brand new kitchen. 
  • I feel happy and excited to be living in the kind of home I’ve always imagined.

Business Success Manifestation List

  • I love having my own successful business. 
  • I enjoy never having to worry about money.
  • I’m at peace doing everything that I’ve always dreamed.
  • It feels great to be working on my own time.

What Will You Write on Your Manifestation List? 

See, writing a manifestation list can be simple. Just be clear about what you want. Leave off the unrealistic goals and trust in the process. 

You’re on your way to manifesting everything you desire. 

I’d love to know what you’ll be writing on your manifestation list, so leave me a comment below.

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