A Simplistic Morning Manifestation Routine (7 Steps)

The best time of day to manifest is in the morning.

When you manifest in the morning,  you’re starting with a clean slate. Think about it. First thing in the morning your mind is calm and clear. You’re more relaxed.

morning routine for manifestation

If you wait until the end of the day to manifest – so many things and experiences have already weighed you down mentally.  Probably stresses at work, sitting in traffic, and ideas about what you’re having for dinner.

Sheesh. Who needs that kind of negative energy?

Not me. And I’m sure you don’t either. 

So in today’s post, I’m going to share some tips to help you create a morning manifestation routine.

The Importance of a Manifestation Routine

It’s important to have a manifestation routine if you want to live the life you desire. I’m talking about your dream life. A life full of abundance that you’re happy to wake up to every day.

It’s a life on your own terms. One where you overcome your limiting beliefs and come to your own conclusions on what it means to be a successful person. 

Having a manifestation routine will

  • Keep you on track toward your life goals
  • Strengthen your manifestation skills
  • Make you feel empowered

You can make sure you keep up with your routine through repetition. Take action every day. The more you do it, the more it will come to you naturally and will eventually turn into a habit.

7 Steps in a Daily Morning Manifestation Routine

You can create a morning manifestation routine with these simple steps. The purpose is to use these ideas to design your own personalized morning ritual. After all, your morning routine will set the tone for the rest of your day.

1. Wake Up Early

Rise and shine, sunshine. Don’t hit that snooze button. It’s crucial that you get up as early as possible to dedicate enough time to yourself and your needs. As I’ve mentioned, mornings are usually slower and quiet. 

So getting up early ensures you don’t feel rushed.

But I get it. This can be really difficult if you aren’t a morning person. But here are some simple tips from Everyday Health that can help you wake up earlier.

2. Clear Your Mind

Secondly, it’s time to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Here are some things you can do: 

  • Indulge in a relaxing self care shower.
  • Get into a journaling practice. Journal about whatever comes to your mind.
  • Meditate. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before. There are some great guided meditations on YouTube. Check out Michael Sealey

3. Practice Gratitude

Now, it’s time to express gratitude. Usually, when we talk about gratitude we focus on acknowledging what we’re thankful for in life. And we should definitely do that.

But why not take this a step further and also think about what you’re looking forward to. What’s happening soon in your life that you’re super excited to experience?

And on an opposite note, acknowledge the things you’re ready to let go of. What are you holding on to that no longer serves you? 

By practicing gratitude, you’re working in conjunction with the Universe to open yourself up to receive your manifestation.

4. Get into a Positive Mood

Your mood matters. And if you really want to create a high vibe morning routine, you need positive energy and a positive mindset. When you’re in a bad mood, are you really in a space to set intentions for new desires?

Self Love Altar

One way to increase your energy is by spending time at a self love altar. This is a sacred space for you to pour into yourself. It should bring about feelings of worthiness, strength, beauty, and most importantly self love.

If you’ve never heard of this concept and would like to try it out for yourself, here are some tips and ideas for setting up your own self love altar

Positive Affirmations

If you want to get into a positive mindset, try reciting or writing down some positive affirmations. The trick with these affirmations is to only write down affirmations you truly believe about yourself.

What are some other things you can do to get into a positive mood?

5. Seek Inspiration

Look for ways to feel inspired. You can group your inspirational activities into three categories: read, listen, and watch.

If you prefer to read, try reading a couple of pages from your favorite book. You could read magazines or blog posts that can help transform your life

Alternatively, you can listen to music that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Or turn on that new motivational podcast you’ve heard so much about.

Or, just watch something. A documentary that teaches you an important lesson is a good choice. So is a video from your favorite Youtuber.

6. Pull a Tarot Card

Try your hand at divination and pull a tarot card. What does this card mean to you? What stands out? How does it correlate to your life at the moment? 

What does it say about the things you want to manifest?

One thing to keep in mind is that tarot cards don’t predict the future. Instead, it usually reveals your feelings about life or a specific situation. So what you’re interpreting is your reaction.

7. Write a Manifestation List

Positive mindset? Check. Feeling thankful? You did that, too. 

Now lastly, it’s time to start writing your manifestation list. Writing out your desires is one of the best things you can do. Putting it on paper is cementing the things you’re wanting to bring into your life. Be clear about what your want, use present-tense verbs and believe everything you write down.

And don’t forget to state your why. Why do you want these things? Be 100% honest with yourself.

Here’s an informative post with tips on how to write a success manifestation list for anything you desire.

How Do You Manifest in the Morning

As you can see, all of these steps work together for the perfect manifestation process in the morning. Not only are you less distracted, but you’ve also designed a clear path to work on improving your mindset, energy, and thought process. 

So remember to rise early, lean into your positive energy, be thankful, and put those desires on paper.

If you put in the effort, the Universe will reward you. 

Maybe you do things a little bit differently. If so, tell me what steps do you take in your morning manifestation routine?

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