15 Full Moon Journal Prompts for Power and Clarity (Free Printable)

If you’ve ever heard anything about moon phases at all, you’ve probably heard about the full moon! It’s one of the most talked about moon phases and is also known as the most powerful.

journal prompts for the full moon

So, keep on reading to learn how you can use the power of the full moon to your advantage.

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So, What does the Full Moon Symbolize?

The full moon symbolizes power. And it is the perfect time to use that powerful energy to manifest the things you want in life.

These prompts will help guide you in that direction.

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Full Moon Journal Prompts

Here are 15 full moon journal prompts to encourage you to stand in your power while manifesting your desires with confidence. I’ve broken the prompts out into three parts:

  • Standing in Your Power: These prompts are to help you get to know yourself better so that you have no doubts about what you’re capable of being or doing.
  • Spiritual Clarity and Communication: These prompts will guide you in thinking about ways to enhance your spiritual abilities and intuition.
  • Manifesting Your Desires: These prompts are about deciding what you want and setting those intentions.
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Standing in Your Power

1. What is one thing I’m so good at that no one could ever make me think otherwise? So, what are you good at?

2. When things make me feel uncomfortable, do I speak up about it or just go with the flow? Which do you tend to do? And why? Is there anything you would like to change about the way you handle these types of situations?

3. No! Am I comfortable with telling people no and meaning it? Do you struggle with telling people no? Why or why not?

4. What steps am I actively taking to protect my energy? What are you doing or avoiding to ensure that your energy remains positive? What are you not wasting time, energy, or space on anymore?

5. What’s a situation that I’ve been in and had to make a difficult decision? Do I feel confident about that decision? What factors led to you making that decision?

a quote for the full moon about finding inner strength

Spiritual Clarity and Communication 

6. What are three things I can do to help clear my mind? Think about some activities that will help quiet your mind. 

7. I feel grounded when….. Write a short paragraph about what makes you feel grounded.

8. As I embark on enhancing my spiritual clarity and communication, what is it that I’m really seeking? Are you looking for answers or confirmation on a specific topic? Are you trying to interpret signals from the Universe?

9. Am I aware of what’s currently happening in my life? Am I paying attention to my thoughts, surroundings, and feelings? Are you aware?

10. Where do I go to seek spiritual wisdom and guidance when I am struggling and need support? What do you do when you need spiritual support? Do you have a mentor? Or do you just seek the answer from within?

Manifesting Your Desires 

11. What are my intentions? What do I want? What am I manifesting in this season of my life? Make a list of your intentions and visualize them coming true.

12. What steps or actions can I take to ensure that my desires come to fruition? Write out an action plan for each of your desires.

13. Am I living in a way that aligns with what I’m trying to manifest? What daily habits and behaviors do you participate in to make sure you get your desired outcome?

14. What limiting beliefs do I have that may get in the way of my manifestation? Think about any limiting beliefs that could sabotage your manifestation. Find a way to shift that belief.

15. What tools and resources do I have at my advantage to help me achieve my desires? Make a list of resources that you can use to help your manifestation come true. The list can include people, books, and any other tools.

full moon journaling prompts

Final Thoughts

The full moon phase is about utilizing its power to go all in with your desires. Be confident in yourself and know that what you desire is already making its way to you.

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