15 Waxing Moon Journal Prompts for Growth and Abundance (Free Printable)

While the waxing moon may not be as popular as the new moon or full moon, it’s still a moon phase that deserves your attention if you’re ready to make changes in your life.

journal prompts for the waxing moon

So, keep on reading to learn a little about the waxing moon!

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So, What does the Waxing Moon Symbolize?

The waxing moon symbolizes growth. It’s the perfect time to focus on your personal goals and attract more of what you want into your life.

It’s also the time for creating more opportunities.

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Waxing Moon Journal Prompts

Here are 15 waxing moon journal prompts to encourage personal growth while attracting abundance and opportunities. I’ve broken the prompts out into three parts:

  • Focusing on Self Growth: These growth prompts are for reflecting on your personal growth.
  • Creating and Identifying Opportunities: These prompts will help you identify your skills and passions that can open you up to new opportunities.
  • Feeling More Abundant: These abundance prompts will help you define what abundance means to you while making a plan to attract what you feel your life is lacking.
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Focusing on Self Growth

1. What have I learned about myself over the past month? Reflect over the past month. What have you come to realize about yourself over the last month?

2. What is the most important lesson I’ve learned about my own self-growth? Think about your self-growth journey. What lesson has had the most impact on your growth? Why?

3. In what ways have my beliefs and behaviors grown? Be intentional with this prompt. Think about the beliefs and behaviors you’ve let go of in order to be the person you are today.

4. What current habits and routines do I feel have helped advance my personal growth? Think about your regular routines and habits. Which ones have you benefited from the most as it relates to your growth?

5. What is one major self-growth goal I want to achieve but haven’t started yet? What’s that big self-growth goal you’ve been putting off? Write it down and explain what it would mean to you once you accomplish this goal.

a quote about the waxing moon and growth

Creating and Identifying Opportunites

6. Come up with a list of things that I’m most passionate about. Think about your favorite hobbies or how you like to spend most of your time. Put at least 5 things on your list.

7. Based on my passions, what kind of opportunities can I create for myself? How can you turn your passions into new opportunities? For example, if you love to draw – you could start selling your drawings or having them included in a book.

8. What is my skill set? What opportunities will easily align with things I already know how to do? Think about what skills you already have that can be applied to new opportunities.

9. What kind of opportunities am I interested in? What types of opportunities are you seeking? Is it for your professional or personal life?

10. Are there any challenges or roadblocks I may encounter while trying to create opportunities for myself? What are some challenges you may face? Try to be specific, and also come up with some solutions.

waxing moon journaling prompts

Feeling More Abundant

11. To live abundantly. What does that mean to me? What does it mean to you to live an abundant life? How do you feel every day? What does your life look like?

12. When do I feel the most abundant? Think about what feelings and sensations you experience when you’re feeling abundant. Describe in detail.

13. In what areas of my life do I feel a lack of abundance? What is it that you feel you don’t have enough of? What changes can you make to attract more in your life?

14. What are some simple activities I can incorporate into my daily life to make me feel more abundant? Think about activities like creating your favorite fancy coffee at home, eating off your expensive dishes, or burning that candle you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

15. Set intentions to create more abundance in your life. Some areas you can focus on are personal growth, finance, opportunities, and relationships.

Final Thoughts

The waxing moon phase is all about growth, opportunities, and abundance.

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