Morning Routine for Spiritual Growth

What do you struggle with when it comes to your spirituality? Someone recently asked this in one of my favorite spiritual groups and the majority of the answers centered around one thing: not having a routine.

So in this post, I’m going to explore some ideas and practices that you can adapt to your own needs in order to create your own morning routine for spiritual growth.

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A Morning Routine for Spiritual Growth

Having a morning routine centered around your spiritual beliefs and practices is a powerful tool for spiritual growth. Especially if you’re a beginner who just started a spiritual journey.

Let’s get to it.

Create a Sacred Space

Begin your spiritual morning routine by creating a sacred space within your home. 

For example, in my living room, I have 3 windows that provide beautiful scenery of a lake and forest. I like to put down a mat next to these windows and spend my mornings here.

But you don’t need similar scenery – you could create a sacred space by simply opening your windows to let in the fresh air and lighting your favorite incense.

Also, think about surrounding yourself with items that make you feel inspired.

The main focus should be on how you feel in this space. You should feel calm and relaxed. 

And this space should allow you to focus in a way that will help you feel spiritually connected throughout the day.

Grant Yourself Quiet Time

Once you’re in your sacred space, allow yourself to enjoy some quiet time. No distractions!

Carving out quiet time allows you to clear your thoughts before starting your day. When I’m having difficulty clearing my thoughts, I like to do some deep breathing.

Other times I like to listen to meditations – but they tend to send me right back to sleep 🙂 so I tend to focus on them mostly as part of my nighttime spiritual routine.

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Express Gratitude

Don’t underestimate the power of giving thanks. Practicing gratitude on daily basis helps shift your mindset and it encourages positivity.

So start your mornings by reflecting on all the things you’re thankful for in your life. 

And practicing gratitude is simple. Here are some ways to express your gratitude:

  • Recite a gratitude affirmation like “I am thankful for 
  • Creating a gratitude list by writing down 1 – 3 things you are grateful for

Since I’ve started practicing gratitude, I’ve deepened my connection with myself and the world. I feel more at peace.

And right now, I’m feeling thankful for the courage and confidence to write this post.

Set Intentions for the Day

Setting intentions in the morning sets the tone for your day. It gives you purpose and helps you focus and align your actions with your goals.

Some examples of intentions include declaring a goal you want to achieve or stating how you want to show up for yourself.

My intention for today was: I will protect my energy by focusing on what I can control and being mindful of the content I consume. (I had a really toxic experience on social media yesterday. Unfortunately for me, that negative energy carried over into my morning.)

So, what is your intention for today?

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Engage in Spiritual Practices

Engaging in your favorite spiritual practices should also be a part of your morning routine. Here are some practices you could try:


Journaling every morning is a great way to transform and grow spiritually. Spiritual journaling is a great way to reflect on your thoughts and experiences. I use my spiritual journal to keep track of everything I learn on my spiritual journey.

You can also try manifestation journaling or moon journaling.

Gather Your Crystals

Carrying crystals with you or holding them in your hands is a great way to shift your energy in the morning. Every crystal has unique properties that can support your spiritual growth.

Pull Tarot Cards

Drawing tarot cards can give you clarity and perspective when you are seeking guidance.

I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to tarot cards. I do have my own deck but have only pulled my cards a handful of times. (I should probably pull those out, huh?)

Read Inspirational Text

When it comes to my spirituality, I like to read everything I can about it. I’m mostly into mindset and feeling peace, but you should read what you enjoy.

You can read sacred text, self-help, or any other material that can guide you and lead you to your own individual spirituality.

Connect with Your Higher Power

Taking the time to connect with your higher power every morning can be a foundational aspect of your spiritual growth. It doesn’t matter if your higher power is God, the Universe, or whatever you choose. 

What I like to do is sit in silence and think about whatever it is I’m feeling. Then I communicate that to the Universe with confidence knowing that I will be taken care of and that everything will turn out as I should.

But what if I don’t believe in a higher power? That’s absolutely okay too. Spend this time deepening your connection with yourself.

Stay Consistent

Make your spiritual routine a daily habit. Don’t neglect your routine on the weekends and holidays. And if you skip a few days, just pick back up your routine as soon as you can.

My Thoughts on Having a Spiritual Morning Routine

If you struggle with incorporating spirituality into your everyday life, establishing a solid spiritual morning routine is just what you need. 

And I’m encouraging you to start sooner, rather than later. Even if you only do one thing a day.

The most important thing to remember is to personalize your routine to your needs. Don’t include practices and activities that you don’t enjoy. 

morning routine for spiritual growth

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