21 Meaningful Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth

There comes a time in our spiritual journey that we seek to grow and expand in our spiritual practice. To guide you, here are some spiritual growth journal prompts to help you deepen your connection to your spirituality.

journal promts for spiritual growth

21 Journal Prompts for Spiritual Growth

These inspirational spiritual growth prompts have been divided into sections that will help you assess where you are, where you’re going, and how to deepen your practices.

Spiritual Reflection and Self-Awareness Prompts

Before we start talking about spiritual growth, it’s important to pause and reflect on where we are currently. If you’re someone unfamiliar with spirituality or just had a spiritual awakening, check out my post on how I started my spiritual journey.

1. Make a list of 7 spiritual values that are the most important to you. How did you come to learn about these values? Were they taught to you? Did you discover them on your own? And if so, how?

2. What has been the most challenging part of your spiritual journey? Are you still struggling with this or have you overcome it? If you’re struggling, what steps can you take to navigate the situation? If you’ve overcome, how did you do it?

3. Describe your highest self using a list of 15 adjectives. From the list, select 3 adjectives that you currently embody. How can you use the knowledge you have about your higher self to make better decisions?

4. What are your current spiritual beliefs? Are there any beliefs that you’ve decided to release? If so, what was the reason? How has releasing those beliefs impacted your inner self? Are there any beliefs you have released but would like to believe in once again?

5. Who or what do you consider to be your source or higher power? How often do you connect with your higher power? Describe the activities that you participate in and identify the reasons why they make you feel connected.

6. Think about some of your spiritual gifts and qualities. List them all out. Which ones do you admire the most? How do you plan to continuously develop these gifts or qualities?

7. Describe a time in which you felt spiritually connected to the people in your life. Describe this experience. Why did you feel such a spiritual connection? Did this experience have any impact on the relationships you had with these people/persons?

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Spiritual Aspiration and Direction Prompts

After establishing where you are, you can use these prompts to explore where you want to go and how you’d like to develop spiritually. If you haven’t started already, it would be a good idea to keep a spiritual journal for all your journaling prompts.

8. What aspect of your spirituality do you feel you spend too much time or energy on? Be honest with yourself as there is no right or wrong in how you feel. What advice would you give to someone who has been feeling the same way as you do?

9. Using clear, detailed language, describe what your ideal spiritual life looks like. What does your day-to-day look like? What types of spiritual practices do you participate in? How is your mindset? 

10. Imagine it’s 3 years from now. In what ways would you have grown as it relates to your spirituality? Do you have a newfound wisdom? Has your spiritual path taken another direction? If so, did you see the change coming?

11. Compile a list of questions that you’d want answered by your future spiritual self. Be specific and try to come up with at least 5 thorough questions.

12. If you were to receive a message from your higher power, what would the message be? How would you know that this particular message was meant for you? What would receiving this message feel like?

13. Identify 3 spiritual goals that you’d like to accomplish in the next year. What are some important aspects of these goals? For each goal, write down a 3-step action plan to achieve it.

14. Think about some places you’d like to travel to get to know yourself better and deepen your spirituality. Now list our top 5 locations. For each location, write 1-2 sentences on what it would mean for your spiritual well-being to travel there.

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Spiritual Practices and Habits Prompts

Now that you have identified how you’d like to grow spiritually, it’s time to implement practices that will help you connect to your spiritual self regularly. One major way to do this is through creating your own morning routine dedicated to spiritual growth.

15. Think about one spiritual practice that you’d like to commit to over the next 7 days. Write about what this spiritual practice means to you and how you plan to implement it over the next week.

16. Jot down a few notes on spiritual symbolism. What actions can you take to become more aware of how symbolism shows up in your everyday life? What experience do you have with symbolism and how has it impacted your spirituality?

17. Make a list of 5 spiritual mantras that you can recite each day. Focus on mantras that make you feel empowered and at peace. Write the mantras in a catchy manner to make them easy to recite from memory.

18. Listen to one of your favorite spiritual songs, leaders, or meditations. Write down 3 inspirational messages you got from this session. It doesn’t have to be a message that was in the media you listened to. It could be messages that popped into your head during the session.

19. Craft your self-care spiritual ritual. Be as detailed as possible. Include things like how often you will perform the ritual and what type of activities would be involved.

20. Think about the last time you visited a metaphysical store or shop. What did you find the most intriguing? Were you drawn to something you saw and how did it make you feel? If you’ve never been to a metaphysical store before, write down your expectations and what you hope to find once you do visit.

21. Choose one of your favorite spiritual poems or quotes. Analyze it in detail and think about its perceived message. Why do you like this spiritual text? What value does it add to your life? Now compose your own poem or quote that has a similar message.

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