Self Care for Beginners: Start Putting Yourself First

Tired? Stressed? Overwhelmed? If this sounds like you, could it be that you have been putting other people’s needs before your own? I know I’m guilty of this from time to time.

But today we’re hitting the pause button so that we can prioritize our own well-being. 

beginner guide for self care

Most people equate self-care to pampering. So things like manicures, pedicures, and getting your hair done. Yes, these are self-care activities, but there are other things you can do as well.

So in this post, we’re going to explore self-care for beginners. We’ll touch on everything from creating self-care checklists and kits to finding routines and ideas that really work for you.

What is Self Care

Self-care is the act of living in a way that sustains YOUR physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. So this means that self-care is going to look different for everyone. 

For one person this could mean getting enough sleep at night, and for another, it could mean writing down 3 things that they are grateful for today. 

Think about the last time you did something for yourself that made you feel good or added value to your life. If you can’t remember, then it’s been a long time. 

Girl! It’s about time to carve out a little time just for you. You are so worth it

Self-care is about balance. And sometimes this means doing things we may not want to do but need to do.

Benefits of Practicing Self Care

It kind of goes without saying that taking time to care for and love yourself has an impact on your life and well-being.

When I take time to practice self-care, I’m left feeling rejuvenated and at peace. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are the benefits of practicing self-care:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased productivity and a healthy mind (bye-bye stress!)
  • A boost to your self-esteem because you’re taking good care of your body.
  • Development of healthy habits like including more physical activity and paying attention to the types of food you consume.
  • The ability to recognize and meet your own emotional needs.
positive affirmation for practicing self care

Start with a Self Care Checklist

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time for self-care? Me too. And since I’m a huge advocate of writing things down and planning things out, I came up with this 5 step system to create your own self-care checklist.

Step One: Assess Your Current Daily Routine

The first step is to think about your current daily routine. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you have a productive morning routine? 

Do you go straight to social media? Or do you take 10 minutes to meditate or practice gratitude? Did you get enough sleep the night before?

Step Two: Assess Areas of Your Life

Next, assess the different areas of your life. How is your life going? Are you happy? Are you working towards your goals? Is your life going in the right direction? Are you stressed and irritable throughout the day? Or are you focused and productive?

What are some things that you like about your life right now? What are some things that you like and want to change?

Step Three: Identify Areas of Improvement

Reflecting on step one,  identify areas of your routine where you can incorporate self-care activities that will improve your overall well-being.

Maybe you can set aside 10 minutes every morning to have your favorite coffee or tea. Or perhaps, it’s time you stop checking social media every morning if it’s negatively affecting you.

I’ve really been limiting my time on social media – especially on apps where anything can just pop up in my feed.

Reflecting on step two, identify areas of improvement in your life. Are you surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people? Are you in a toxic relationship? Does your job or career satisfy you?

Really think about these things. Whether you realize it or not, evaluating yourself and your life are the roots of figuring out how to create a self-care routine that works for you.

Step Four: Be Mindful Not to Overwhelm Yourself

When you’re ready to start incorporating self-care activities try not to overwhelm yourself by doing too much at one time. You want to start off small.

Try doing two to three small activities a day over the course of a week and then gradually add in more activities.

Step Five: Keep Track of Your Self-care Habits On a Regular Basis

Using a planner or a journal, keep track of self-care habits and activities. Write down the habits you’ve formed and how it has improved your life.

Create a Self Care Kit

Another great way to practice self-care on a routine basis is by having your own self-care kit.

A self-care kit is a kit that you create that’s specific to your needs and wants. It serves as your go-to for feeling cared for, relaxed, and at peace.

Participate in Self Care Challenges

Self-care challenges are a great way to jumpstart a self-care journey. They give you step-by-step things to do every single day and are usually very easy to follow.

This 30-day self-love challenge focuses on your inner self, having fun, and self-reflection.

If you’re looking for a challenge that focuses on a holistic transformation of the mind, body, and soul, here is a glow-up challenge to try for 30 days.

Establish Self Care Routines to Stay on Track

Am I the only one who likes to create routines? Self-care routines are a great way to start working self-care into your weekly, daily, and monthly schedule.

Here are some of my favorite routines.

Self Care Shower Routine

My self-care shower routine has to be one of my all-time favorites. Who doesn’t love feeling clean and beautiful in midst of peace and relaxation?

Winter Morning Routine

The winters can be harsh. No sunlight and it’s cold (I don’t like the cold at all)! But this winter morning routine gives me peace of mind and actually makes the winter more enjoyable for me.

Sunday Self Care Routine

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, so on that day I usually follow my self-care Sunday routine. That day is to prepare for my upcoming week, but also relax and rest from the previous week.

Find Self Care Ideas That Actually Work

What’s the point of doing self-care activities if you find them to not have any benefit? That’s just a waste of time right? 

So it’s important that you’re participating in self-care activities that either a.) make you feel good or b.) are great for your well-being (cause remember – sometimes self-care is also doing things we don’t want to do but need to do).

Here’s a self-care idea you can try (I’ll be adding more soon)!

Self Love Altar

A self-love altar is a dedicated space created by you to show yourself love on a daily basis. It’s a physical representation of the love you have for yourself.

Don’t Neglect Your Physical Appearance

To me, taking care of your outer appearance is also part of self-care. That doesn’t mean you have to dress fancy and wear makeup every day if you don’t want to. But if you do, please do!

When I get in a rut and just need to get myself together, I follow this post to always look my best. It covers 10 simple things you can do so that you can always look put together.

And if you’re into makeup, here are my 10 must-have makeup items.

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My Thoughts on Self Care for Beginners

You’ve made it to the end of this post! Congrats on taking the first step toward making yourself a priority.

Creating your own self-care checklist and routines can put you on the path to rejuvenation so that you feel your best. And remember to stick to the activities that work best for you.

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