Easy Ways to Practice Self Care During Your Period

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Did someone say mood swings, cramps, cravings, and low levels of energy? I know many women find menstruation to be exhausting. Especially when we have to deal with these kinds of PMS symptoms.

It’s as if our lives are turned completely upside down and we’re not in control of our bodies.

But guess what? There is no reason for you to suffer through that time of the month. You can get your life back! The key is to figure out how to feel better on your period.

By implementing a few self-care activities during your period, you’ll learn to live in harmony with your period in no time.

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How To Pamper Yourself During Your Period

Make Time for Relaxation

You must make time to relax during your period. My mood tends to fluctuate more during menstruation so participating in relaxing activities helps me feel balanced. Here are some things that I do and recommend for relaxation.

Drink Tea

Do you like tea? Drinking tea is another way to keep calm and relaxed during your period. My favorite teas are Vanilla Chai and Earl Grey, and I usually have them with some almond milk or heavy cream.

Take a Warm Bath

Another great way to relax is by running yourself a warm bath. Light some candles, put on your favorite music, and let the warm water soothe you. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also take some time to pamper yourself with a quick spa day.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, start your evening with a warm bath and put on your favorite comfy loungewear. Then wrap up in your favorite blanket with a cup of hot tea in hand and watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book.

Try a Face Mask

Many of us get a pimple or two just in time for our periods. So why not add a face mask to your period self-care routine? It feels refreshing and will be working on those pimples at the same time.

Pay Attention to Hygiene and Comfort

While we don’t have much control over how we feel physically, there are some things we can do to stay fresh and comfortable during menstruation.

Stay Fresh

Shower or bathe daily. Use unscented wipes to freshen up on bathroom breaks or between pad and tampon changes.

Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

your period is already hard enough on the body so why make it worse by wearing tight clothing?  

If you despise feeling squeezed up as much as I do, wear loose clothing like dresses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and any other loungewear that makes you feel as free as a bird.

Manage Pain with a Heating Pad

During menstruation, you can suffer from stomach cracks and lower back pain. Ever had both at the same time? I have and let me just say: It’s no fun at all.

One way to manage the pain is by using a heating pad. Heating pads relieve cramps by relaxing muscles in your stomach.

My heating pad is my very best friend during my cycle. We’re always together.

But girl, be careful with those temperature settings! You can get burned.

Grab a Blanket and Movie

After a nice warm bath, my favorite thing to do is snuggle up under my favorite blanket and catch up on some episodes from my favorite tv show. I love to have my heating pad, tea, and yummy treats nearby.

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Focus on Your Wellness

Don’t neglect your health during your period! Here are some things I do to make sure I stay healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

Since it’s not uncommon to experience low energy levels during your cycle, you may feel more tired than usual. So, remember to get as much rest as possible. If you’re feeling tired and can take a nap, then do so.

Also, go to bed a little earlier to ensure that you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep every night.

Eat Nutritious Food and Drink Water

Donut time! Just kidding. But really, am I the only one that craves every sweet under the sun during menstruation? I do allow myself to have what I crave, but I don’t overdo it.

I try to stick to fruits, veggies, and proteins that I like. I also try to make sure my meals are really simple. Who has time to stand over a hot stove with cramps!? 

The fruits I usually get are strawberries, grapes, or grapefruit. They are super easy to prepare. 

For my vegetables, I prefer cooked over raw because I bloat easily. So I’m usually eating a vegetable stir-fry or baked sweet potatoes.

I also try to drink plenty of water!

Always Be Prepared

The best advice I could ever give you when it comes to self-care during your period is to plan ahead of time.

Keep a Period Self-Care Kit

Often overlooked, preparation plays a huge role in your ability to care for yourself. By creating a period self-care kit, you’re always prepared to implement self-care during menstruation.

Your self-care kit should include things you need every month during your period. Here are some of the things I keep in mine:

Do You Make Time To Pamper Yourself on Your Period

We all know that periods aren’t a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the best of it. If you ever find yourself feeling not so great, just remember to use these tips for a relaxing and pain-free period. 

In what ways do you practice self-care during your period? Do you have a period self-care kit? What’s in it? I’d love to know!

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