Your Self-Love Journey Starts Today

Are you wondering how to start a self love journey?

Craving unconditional love? Get it from yourself. Let’s explore the first step in how to start a self love journey.

starting a self love journey

The way you treat yourself matters. And so does the way you allow others to treat you. If you’ve suffered from low self-esteem or not feeling worthy, then set the intention of practicing self love and actually follow it through. And if you’re here reading this post, then you’re already on track.

Understand Self Love

What is self love? I think everyone has a general understanding of what self love means. So instead of giving you a textbook definition, I’m going to describe what self love means to me.

Self love, to me, is the act of honoring myself and acknowledging my self worth. Its me embracing self-awareness and being attuned to what brings me joy as well as what doesn’t serve me.

My self love comes from within and needs no external validation. It’s me embracing my authentic self and leaning in to what I deserve. It also means distancing myself from people and situations that do not align with how I love me.

Create a Self-Love Plan

Creating a self love plan can help you get the most out of your self love journey. Here

Examine Your Core Beliefs

The way you perceive yourself and your views on self-love will impact the way you show your self love. Are your beliefs about yourself negative, limiting? If you do have a negative perception of yourself, it’s important to explore the root cause.

The best way to challenge beliefs that impact your self-worth and feeling of self love is to speak with a therapist.

Therapy really has been a gamechanger for me. It has played a huge role in helping me to understand who I am and provided me with tools to to show up and shower myself with self love in each and every way.

Focus on Personal Growth

Your path to self love is a never-ending journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Use self-reflection as a tool to help you identify areas of self-improvement and to set goals that align with your self-love principles – which I’ll talk about more later.

Here’s how focusing on personal growth benefits you on your self-love journey:

  • Encourages new experiences to help you step out of your comfort zone
  • Deepens awareness of self and encourages a growth mindset

Identify Self-Love Goals

Your self-love goals should reflect what you desire personally. So your goals for self love won’t necessarily be the same as my goals. Or anyone else’s.

But if you have no idea where to start, here are some starter goals. Add to them as you see fit.

Be Your Authentic Self

True self love comes from being your authentic self. It’s about self acceptance. It’s about walking in your truth and not bending or redefining yourself based on other people’s opinions or societal expectations.

This is one self love goal that I have mastered. I am who I am. I love me. And I’m not changing myself to try to follow the latest trend or to fit in.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is another way to show self love. Here are some healthy boundaries you can implement:

  • Say no and mean it. As a recovering people-pleaser I’m still working on this – but when I say no and mean it it literally feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.
  • Be choosy with whom you share your thoughts and feelings. Some people aren’t deserving of your time.

As an introvert, I find this to be very easy for me because I’m already private with my life and its details.

  • Nurture the healthy relationships you have in your life. Lean into the relationships that make you feel like your best self. Stay away from toxicity.

Show Yourself Kindness

On this journey of self love, it’s important to show yourself some compassion. Don’t obsess over the mistakes you’ve made or the ones you will make. No one is perfect.

Perfectionism is something that I struggled with for such a long time. So much so that I had a hard time admitting when I messed up.

You are not your mistakes. Focus on self forgiveness so that you can continue to move forward in your life.

Establish Self Care Practices

Establishing self care practices is another way to shower yourself with self love.

Here’s a list of some self care activities you could try:

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How will you be using these self love journey tips?

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