17 Unique Girl Boss Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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We all know a female boss. It doesn’t matter if she’s the CEO of an actual business or just someone with enough passion and motivation to get things done in life.

And when you think “girl boss,” her image comes to mind. She strives to be her absolute best and isn’t defined by what others think of her. She’s a woman who is always on the go, but she still has time to take care of herself. And that deserves recognition and appreciation!

As the upcoming holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect holiday gift for the girl bosses in your life. But what will make them feel loved and appreciated this year?

No worries! With my help, finding the perfect present this year is going to be a breeze. I’ve handpicked every gift on this list, and I’m giving you some unique options that will brighten up her world.

These gifts are guaranteed to keep her organized, inspired, and looking her absolute best.

Girl Boss Gifts to Stay Organized

Staying on top of the 101 things that always need to be done can be difficult, especially as a boss. Let’s make her life easier with these organization gift ideas.


Boss ladies are always writing things. So let’s get her a nice set of pens!

Option #1: Fancy Pen Set

3 rose gold pens in a black box

This Fancy Pen Set comes with rose gold pens engraved with motivational sayings. It’s perfect for adding a little something to her day.

Option #2: Engraved Personalized Pen

black ballpoint pen in a box

With the Personalized Engraved Pen, you’ll be able to customize this pen with the girl boss’ name. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this great gift idea.


Meetings. Deadlines. Coaching. Product launches! She has a lot to do. We don’t want her missing important events! 

Option #1: Vintage Wooden Block Calendar

white block calendar displaying Sunday, January 25

This Vintage Wooden Block Calendar sits perfectly on a desk and serves as the perfect reminder of the date. I won one of these block calendars as a gift at my cousin’s baby shower, and I absolutely love it. I use it every single day and have been for the past two years. 

Option #2: RYVE Motivation Calendar

pink and white calendar that says today is the day

With this RYVE Motivation Calendar, she’ll remember her deadlines and show up to meetings early. This calendar comes with daily motivational quotes and self-reflections prompts. It’s beautiful! You can’t go wrong with this one!


Option #1: Chic Pink Hudstill Desk Organizer

pink desk organizer set for pens, papers, and sticky notes

This Chic Pink Hudstill Desk Organizer Set is guaranteed to keep her desk free of a mess! The set includes holders for things like mail, pens, files, and much more. 

Option #2: Modern Fashion File Folder

pink file folder with geometric shapes

The Modern Fashion File Folder comes with 13 pockets to keep all of her files in one place. This file folder is pink, sleek, and screams, “I’m a female business owner.” And that’s exactly what we’re going for!


As I said earlier, girl bosses are always writing things down. So a notebook to help her keep track of her ideas will really come in handy.

Option #1: Paperage Bullet Notebook

a red bullet journal

A Paperage Dotted Bullet Notebook is the perfect note-taking book. It’s so tiny and compact that it’s likely to fit in any purse. So she’ll be able to take it with her wherever she goes. Plus, it comes in several different colors.

Option #2: BooQool Notebook

black spiral notebook covered in pink and white flowers

This BooQool Notebook is beautifully designed with pink and white flowers. I love it! It has a hardcover, it’s water-resistant, and comes with a cute pocket to store loose sheets of paper and other items.

Girl Boss Gifts to Look the Part

What do girl bosses look like? Put together. Bold. Unique. Proud. These gift ideas will definitely make her LOOK like the boss babe she is. 


Every girl boss needs a cute bag in her life – whether it’s for work or play.

Option #1: Beauty is My Business Makeup Bag

white makeup bag that says beauty is my business

A Beauty is My Business Cosmetic Makeup bag is an excellent option for the female boss who needs a cute place to store her makeup items. This makeup bag will remind her that she’s handling business while staying beautiful.

Option #2: MOSISO Laptop Bag

pink and black laptop bag with a pink bow

This MOSISO Laptop Bag is such a cute gift. It’s giving Clueless vibes and is one of my personal favorites. Girl bosses are sure to have a laptop. So why not carry it around in style?


Option #1: Milani Matte Rose Femme Lipstick

gold tube of pink lipstick

The Milani Matte Rose Femme is perfect for an everyday lip color. Get her this so that she has lipstick that’ll match flawlessly with any makeup look she wears. 

Option #2: Beetles Nude Gel Nail Polish (Nude Polis)

assortment of nude nail polish colors on a set of nails

This Beetles Nude Gel Nail Polish Set contains a variety of nude colors that’ll look good all year long and will go with any outfit. She’ll fall in love with how great her nails look.

Girl Boss Gifts to Stay Inspired

Being a lady boss will come with ups and downs, but a boss never stays down for long! These gift ideas will make sure the girl boss in your life stays inspired and motivated to achieve her dreams.


Does she start her morning with coffee? Probably so! But even if she doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll love to drink out of one of the mugs.

Option #1: Just a Girl Boss Building Her Empire Coffe Mug

white coffee mug that says just a girl building her empire

This adorable Just a Girl Boss Building Her Empire Coffe Mug shows that her hard work does not go unnoticed.

Option #2: Always Remember Mug

white coffee mug with motivational quote

The Always Remember Mug will serve as a daily reminder to a lady boss that she is strong, intelligent, and loved. It’s so important that she knows this!


Decor matters! Let’s help her create an environment conducive to success and productivity to reach goals! Help her create a space that’s inviting and encouraging.

Option #1: 8 Powerful Words Poster

brown poster with motivational quotes written on it

This 8 Powerful Words poster will add a little something special to her workspace – regardless of whether she works from home or in a traditional office space.

Option #2: The Definition of A Girl Boss Wall Art

definition of a girl boss wall print

Gift her this minimalistic The Definition of A Girl Boss wall art.


If she’s a boss, then I know she reads! 

In My Element

Book cover for I am in my element by T. Lynn Johnson

In My Element by T. Lynn Johnson is a book of wisdom and life lessons. It’s a great read when you need a confidence boost or just need some wise words to get you through the day. Oh, and did I mention that I know the author personally? She’s the very definition of a girl boss with a long list of achievements! 

So picture this: the girl boss starts her morning sipping out of a motivational coffee mug while reading this inspirational book. If you ask me, that’s a great way for any girl boss to start her morning.

Happy Shopping

Those days of feeling stumped over what to give as a gift are over. This gift guide will help you provide the best gift experience for the influential women in your life. 

And while some of these gifts make the perfect stocking stuffer, you don’t have to save these awesome ideas for Christmas. These can also serve as the perfect birthday gift. Happy Shopping!

the ultimate girlboss gift guide

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