25 Affirmations for Perfectionists in Need of a Mindset Shift

Your best is good enough. That’s a message to you from me.

I want to know, what has striving for perfection got you? Be honest.

Perfectionism can be detrimental to your personal growth and happiness. Having unrealistic expectations about yourself only adds to the self-doubt and frustration you’re already feeling.

affirmations for perfectionists

Don’t waste your energy obsessing over details and what you could have done better. LET THAT GO.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the positive affirmations that have helped me with my perfectionist struggle.

Positive Affirmations for Perfectionist

If you’re struggling with perfectionism in any area of your life, I hope these affirmations provide you with some peace of mind and happiness. The goals of these affirmations for perfectionists are to show some self-compassion and let go of the need to be perfect.

1. My best is good enough.

2. I release the pressure and expectation to be perfect.

3. Being perfect is not required for me to be happy.

4. I am honoring authenticity over perfection.

5. I find strength and courage in my flaws and imperfections.

6. I am at peace with my imperfections.

7. I know that my imperfections make me unique.

8. Even when I fall short, I am still worthy.

9. I choose to celebrate my imperfections instead of hiding them away.

10. The fear of failure holds no space in my life.

11. I am focused on progress – not perfect action.

12. When I encounter a setback, I know that it is not the end of my journey.

13. I don’t give energy to anything that requires me to be perfect.

14. I choose to accept failure as a part of my growth.

15. My goals can be achieved without me being perfect.

16. I allow myself to take breaks and relax.

17. I trust that as long as I do my best, I will be rewarded for my actions.

18. I choose to focus my energy on what I have accomplished and not on what I could do better.

19. I am confident that my skills and abilities are moving me toward success.

20. My accomplishments – even the small ones – deserve to be celebrated.

21. Perfectionist tendencies are a thing of my past.

22. I don’t have to overwork myself to get things done.

23. I show myself compassion in the face of difficulty.

24. It is okay if I make mistakes because I am more than my mistakes.

25. I know that being perfect is a facade.

Other Ways to Combat Perfectionism

While affirmations are an amazing tool to help you cope with a perfectionist mindset, there are also other things you can try.

Be Realistic about Goals

When it comes to setting goals, be realistic with yourself. Think logically about the goal itself and the time frame you allow to achieve the goal. Setting impossible goals will leave you feeling defeated and disappointed.

Quiet Your Inner Critic

You know those thoughts that sometimes creep into your mind doubting your worth, and ability, and are just full of negative criticism? 

Tell them to HUSH. Ignore these thoughts. And if you can’t quiet the thoughts, look for proof.

Is there any proof in your thoughts, or have they just been brought on by your overanxious and overanalyzing mind?

affirmations for perfectionist

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