36 Journal Prompts to Connect With Yourself and Live Authentically

As someone who is forever on a journey of discovering my most authentic self, I understand the struggles you face as you navigate life’s challenges.

I’ve created these journal prompts to connect with yourself in hopes that it makes your journey just a little bit smoother.

36 prompts to connect with yourself

36 Journal Prompts to Connect With Yourself

These writing prompts have been divided into 4 sections to help you explore different aspects of self-connection and living authentically.

Acknowledging Your Core, Values, and the Past 

The first step to living authentically is to understand who you are at your core.

1. Think about your values. Which 5 are the most important and why? What actions can you take so that your life is in alignment with these values?

2. Recall a past challenge or struggle that you feel has had a huge impact on your life. How has this challenge or struggle made you stronger?

3. Describe a mistake that you made. What did you learn from it and how did it help you grow?

4. If you had to give a presentation on 5 words that describe you, what words would you choose? Why?

5. How would you describe your relationship with yourself now compared to 5 years ago? What has changed for the better? What things do you still need to improve?

6. Create a brag list. (Only you will see it so no need to be extra humble) Write down 7 things that you are the best at or things that you have achieved.

7. If you could write a letter to your younger self with 3 pieces of advice, what would you say?

8. What’s an opportunity or experience you did not take advantage of and do you regret it? Why or why not? If you were given the same opportunity today, would you take it?

9. Think about a moment in your life where you felt 100% at peace – peace with who you were and how your life was going. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Would you say that you were in alignment with your true self or did it just happen to be a good time in your life.

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Dealing With Challenges and Limiting Beliefs 

10. What is your #1 insecurity? Do you remember how or when this thing became an insecurity for you? What 3 things can you do so that this is no longer an insecurity for you?

11. If fear or self-doubt did not exist within you, what would you be doing right now? How would you be living your life? How would it feel?

12. List 2 negative habits that are hindering you in some way. Why are these habits not beneficial to you? What new habits can you develop so that the negative habits fade away?

13. Do you ever find yourself seeking validation from things or people outside of you? Why do you think that is? Do you know what steps you need to take to validate yourself instead?

14. What is one limiting belief that you hold that you wish you could get rid of but just can’t? If you could overcome it, what impact do you think it would have on your life?

15. The last time you failed at something or were rejected, how did you handle it? Have you been able to let go of the hurt feelings this may have caused? What lesson did you learn?

16. Confront your inner critic. Write down everything you wish to say. 

17. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe deep down within yourself that you can really achieve everything you set your mind to? Be 100% honest with yourself. Reflect on your answers.

18. How do you navigate the difficult emotions that arise when facing obstacles and limiting beliefs? What actions do you take to soothe yourself?

Honoring Your Desires and Living in Your Truth

19. Design a day in your dream life. Get as detailed as possible. Stay true to your heart. What time would you wake up? What type of morning or night routine would you follow? Where would you live?

20. Does your current lifestyle align with your dream life? If so, in what ways? If not, what things do you need to change? What steps can you take to get closer to the life you desire?

21. Do you make time for your passions and hobbies? Are your passions just a creative outlet or could it become a source of income for you?

22. As you grow and gain a deeper understanding of who you are, do you think you will ever have the courage to truly live your life on your terms? To do what makes you happy above all else?

23. What do you desire? List out 3 things you want no matter how impossible you may believe it to be. 

24. Write down a commitment that you want to make to yourself that will help you honor your desires. Start with I commit to… 

25. In what ways will you honor your authentic self over the next 3 months? What things will you do daily to make sure you are aligned with your goals and aspirations?

26. Reflect on a moment where you did something that truly made you feel happy despite the expectations placed on you by others. In this moment, what gave you the courage to take this step?

27. Define what it means to live in your truth. Specifically, what it means to you.

Implementing Practices of Self-Care and Self Love

28. Create a list of 5 positive affirmations that serve as gentle reminders that you deserve love and care daily.

29. Describe your ideal self-care routine from start to finish. List out each step and its importance.

30. Write a letter to yourself about self-acceptance. What things about yourself do you choose to accept and love?

31. What steps can you take to set boundaries around your need for relaxation? Do you think this will be easy or hard? Why?

32. Create a list of 5 self-care activities that you can complete in 10 minutes.

33. If you were to create a self-love vision board, what words would you put on it? What kind of pictures would you add? Explain why you would choose those things.

34.  If you could practice only one self-care activity for the rest of your life, what would it be? What’s special about this activity? 

35. Imagine that you decided to prioritize self-care and self-love above all else in life.  What does this look like in your daily life? And how does this differ from your life now?

36. Make a self-love list. Write down 15 things you love about yourself.

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