35 Journal Prompts for Inner Peace

I’ve always craved inner peace. I desired to feel at peace with who I am, the things I do, my beliefs, and the way I live my life. 

If you crave that sense of peace too, here are some journal prompts to help find inner peace.

journal prompts for inner peace

But remember, just like with any other goal, this won’t happen overnight. 

It takes time. But it’s so worth it.

And your journey to finding peace will lead you down a path of self-discovery.

35 Journal Prompts for Finding Inner Peace

On your journey to finding inner peace, there are several areas of your life you may need to re-evaluate. In this post, I am going to focus on the areas that have had the biggest impact on my life over the last few years: 

  • self-reflection
  • mindfulness
  • spirituality
  • loving yourself
  • gratitude and joy


The self-reflection prompts are to help you look inward and get to know yourself a little better.

1. Define what inner peace means to you. Why do you want it? How will it change your life?

2. Who are you? Like at your core. The real you. Your likes and dislikes.

3. Do you live your life based on morals and values? If so, what are they? Did you develop these morals and values on your own? Were they taught to you?

4. What are your goals in life? What will you accomplish personally and professionally?

5. Take a look at your life. The things you’re doing and the way you’re living. Are you truly living for yourself?

6. Create a personal growth plan. List out the top 10 things you want to improve about yourself.

7. Write down everything you desire in your life. Forget other people’s opinions and expectations.

a positive affirmation for  peace


The mindfulness prompts are to help you become more aware of your life.

8. What are you worried about the most at this moment?

9. What are some thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you? How can you let them go?

10. How do you cope and deal with negative feelings and emotions?

11. What is going on in your life that needs more of your attention?

12. Be intentional with your time today. How do you plan to spend it?

13. What can you do to be present in your everyday life?

14. Imagine a place where you feel at peace. Now write it down. Where is this place? Why are you here? Do you wish you could stay?


The spiritual prompts are to help you get clarity on your beliefs.

15. Have you ever been on a spiritual journey? If so, what prompted you to start?

16. What are your beliefs as it relates to spirituality? Get as detailed as you like.

17. Were your spiritual beliefs taught to you? Or did you develop these beliefs on your own?

18. Do you consider yourself religious or non-religious? Why?

19. How has being spiritual impacted your life? Has it made your life easier or more enjoyable in any way?

20. What does spirituality give you that nothing else in the world can give you?

21. Do you take the time to practice your spirituality every day?

Loving Yourself

These prompts about loving yourself are to remind you of your worth.

22. Describe what it means to love yourself. What do you love the most about yourself?

23. What are you actively doing to build or improve your self-esteem?

24. Write down 5 affirmations that make you feel worthy.

25. Think about the time you have felt the most loved in your life. What was the situation?

26. Are you too hard on yourself? When was the last time you’ve shown yourself some compassion?

27. Do you give yourself time to practice self-care activities?

28. Examine your circle and close relationships. Are any of these relationships toxic? Do they make you feel stressed?

Gratitude and Joy

These gratitude and joy prompts are to help you identify the things in life that have made you feel grateful.

29. What people in your life are you most thankful for? List each person’s name and write down the impact they’ve had in your life.

30. How would you describe joy? How would you describe gratitude?

31. How do you practice gratitude? Do you journal? 

32. Name one thing that brings you joy.

33. What simple activities do you enjoy that make you feel at peace?

34. Think about a unique experience from your past that has made you feel grateful.

35. If you could have one thing right now that would make you feel happy, what would it be?

a list of journal prompts for inner peace

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