9 Self Care Habits to Improve Productivity

Is your life a whirlwind of aspirations and responsibilities that you never seem to accomplish?

Establishing meaningful self care habits to increase productivity are the first steps to making progress and getting more done.

self care habits to improve productivity

We all know that taking bubble baths are amazing, but that isn’t all that self-care is about. It’s also about participating in activities that reduce stress and improve efficiency in all areas of our life.

9 Self Care Habits to Make You More Productive

1. Establish a Daily Routine or Other Ritual

In my opinion, routines are one of the most underrated habits for improving productivity.

But having a routine makes sure you get everything done.

Maybe you’re late every morning and need a morning routine to help you get ready for work. Or maybe you’ve just started a spiritual journey and need time to practice gratitude daily.

Come up with your own routines or rituals for areas in your life that you find take too much time, or for things you need more of in your life.

2. Listen to Music to Improve Focus and Concentration

I know I can’t be the only person that hates the sound of nothingness when working on a task. My mind starts to wander, and I start actively looking for noise.

Try listening to some instrumental music or other sounds for better concentration.

The Sherry Formula on YouTube is undoubtedly my favorite channel to listen to when I’m working. The channel utilizes music and the Pomodoro technique. Give it a listen.

3. Solve Problems and Express Your Creativity

Making time to stimulate your brain and to let your creative juices flow are other forms of productive self care ideas.

There is something about solving problems and being creative that serves as an instant boost to my emotional well-being.

I solved that. I created this. 

These are the type of activities I enjoy for problem solving:

  • Sudoko – I am obsessed with this numbers puzzle.
  • Puzzles – It’s comforting to put together tiny pieces to create something whole
  • Math – Yes! I love math – specifically algebra.

Here’s what I do to inspire creativity:

  • Listen to music – Music makes me feel free. And with that kind of freedom, nothing feels off limits. It’s my source of new and inspirational ideas.
  • Work on my blog – My blog is my business, but it’s also the way I express myself. I like to fiddle with my designs, images, and come up with new things to share.

4. Turn off Your Phone and Detox from Social Media

If the very first thing you do each morning you rise is go straight to social media, it’s about time you take a break. We spend more time on our phones more than we realize.

Limiting your time on apps and the web can improve the quality of your life and make you a happier person. Spend that free-time engaging in other acts of self-care like bubble baths, exercising, or watching your favorite show.

A not-so-fun fact about me: I get triggered by things I see on social media – and that includes the news. So for my peace of mind and mental well-being, I make it a point to limit the time I spend viewing the media.

5. Declutter and Organize Your Work Space

A messy workspace can be a major source of distraction that limits your productivity. My partner tells me frequently that messy spaces hinder her ability to focus and make her brain go haywire. 

If you’d like to improve your quality of work, start tidying up your space. 

Start by clearing your desk of unnecessary items, then organize your files and pens by placing them in a designated bin or area. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to bring more to my desk than I need. As I type this, I have 3 spiral notebooks, 4 pens, miscellaneous papers, and a random bottle of finger nail polish remover on my desk. 🙃

Don’t do that. Only bring things you actually need to your desk.

6. Use a To-Do List and Time Blocking to Get Things Done

Do you have a habit of letting things fall by the wayside?

I’ve found that writing things down works best for me. I like having a preview of everything I need to do each day. It helps me to not forget the little things I need to do.

And setting aside a certain amount of time to complete a tasks can help you complete the task more efficiently.

As I mentioned earlier, I use the Pomodoro technique when working. It includes focus time and a built-in break.

7. Take a Break When Feeling Overwhelmed

Listen. I love to take regular breaks, and I take them multiple times a day.

I am not a machine. I will not overwork myself, and I deserve to rest when I need to.

Not taking breaks when needed actually decreases productivity. Your mind and your body both need time to rest and recharge. 

If you don’t rest, you risk burnout.

Here are some things you can do on a break:

  • Deep breathe
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Read some pages of your favorite book

8. Prioritize Getting Enough Sleep At Night

GET YOUR REST. Please. You don’t need me to tell you that getting a quality sleep is one of the best self-care habits you could ever implement.

A good night’s rest not only makes you feel good, but it’s the key to keep you alert throughout the day. And that alertness is what allows you to focus, get more done, and boost productivity.

I noticed a few weeks ago that a decline in my sleep hygiene (thanks to the end of daylight-savings time 😞) had been the reason for my awful headaches, neck tension, and fatigue. So I searched the web and found this helpful article on Medium about ways to improve your sleep. It’s definitely worth the read if you’re craving better sleep.

9. Read and Write Motivational Quotes

Exploring motivational quotes is another way to practice self-care for when you want to get things done, but are struggling to get started.

Reading inspirational quotes about other’s experiences or just reading words of encouragement can help you get back on track.

I like to write my own motivational quotes because they are personal and specific to my life. In my mind, that makes them more impactful. 

What Habits are Part of Your Self Care Routine for Productivity? 

Tell me about some of your self care habits! 

And before you go….

Remember that there are many aspects to self care. If you’re on a self care journey, be sure to read this article on all my tips and ideas for beginners.

self care practices to improve productivity

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