New Month, New Goals: Themes and Ideas for Every Month

Do you ever feel like your goals are too big, or that you just aren’t progressing in life the way you’d like? Well, there’s a way to break down your goals and desires on a month-to-month basis.

 Let’s talk about the power of using the beginning of a new month for goal setting.

goal ideas for every month

A New Month Symbolizes a Fresh Start

The start of a new month brings a unique opportunity for you to go after your big life goals at a steady pace.

Which also means you’re more likely to reach your goals by the end of the year.

Using information and experiences gathered from the previous month, allows you to keep moving forward with fresh eyes on your new month goals.

New Month, New Goals: Themes and Ideas for Every Month

Every new month allows you to tackle a different area or need in your life. Here are some themes and ideas to keep you motivated and focused throughout the year.

Month What to Focus On
JanuaryPersonal Growth
FebruarySelf Love and Self Care
JuneFinances and Abundance
JulyOverall Wellbeing
AugustNew Adventures
SeptemberQuality Time
OctoberSelf Expression
November Gratitude

January: Set Your Sights on Personal Growth

With January being the first month of the year, it’s a great time to take advantage of choosing goals that will help you become a better version of yourself.

Each year, I like to create a New Year’s resolution vision board to help me pinpoint what I’d like to manifest in the upcoming year.

Goal Ideas:

  • Start a spiritual journey or a spiritual practice for personal empowerment
  • See a therapist or a life coach to help you discover your life’s direction
  • Read 1 new book each month on a personal growth topic you find interesting

February: Embrace Self Love and Self Care

Discover a new love for yourself this month by prioritizing things that make you feel special and loved.

Try implementing self-care activities that make you feel the most celebrated.

Goal Ideas: 

  • Dedicate every Sunday to a full day of self-care for yourself
  • Treat yourself to one pampering service that you’ve been putting off
  • Create a self-love journal with pictures, quotes, and ideas that reflect who you are as a person.

March: Become More Knowledgeable

My hunger for knowledge grew as a result of my love for reading. I’m in love with learning new things and discovering new ideas.

Goal Ideas:

  • Take an online course in a subject that you’ve always found interesting
  • Watch a documentary about something you know absolutely NOTHING about
  • Find someone from a different culture and learn about their way of life

April: Cleanse and Declutter Your Life

In April, we get the first day of Spring. This is the perfect time to set goals for clearing your mind, home, and life.

Goal Ideas:

  • Brain-dump some of your limiting beliefs and come up with a way to change each one
  • Deep clean and organize each room in your home
  • Reevaluate your relationships and let go of the ones that do not bring you peace

May: Explore Career and Entrepreneurial Opportunities

As an entrepreneur, I love setting new goals for my business. Think about where you are in your career or if you have any entrepreneurial goals you’d like to achieve.

Goal Ideas:

  • Take on a new opportunity at work to gain more experience
  • Create a business plan for a passion project that you’d want to be a source of income
  • Update your resume with new skills and duties performed over the last 6 months

June: Enhance Finances and Abundance

In June, take steps to improve your financial situation and add abundance to your life.

Goal Ideas:

  • Earn some extra cash by picking up a side hustle or selling unwanted items
  • Come up with an efficiency plan to help you save on utility bills
  • Create a budget for your household that includes both wants and needs

July: Improve all Aspects of Your Health 

With so much going on in our everyday lives, sometimes our health gets put on the back burner.

So in July, we will focus on all aspects of health – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Goal Ideas:

  • Start a 5-minute nightly meditation practice for better sleep
  • Do unique activities for exercise like dancing, hiking, or riding a bike
  • Learn to identify difficult emotions and explore healthy ways to express them

August: Go on New Adventures  

Step out of your comfort zone by engaging in new adventures and experiences.

As an introverted homebody, this is definitely on my to-do list.

Goal Ideas:

  • Start a conversation with a random person at the grocery store
  • Hop in your car and go on a road trip to a place you’ve never been
  • Eat or cook a food you’ve never tried 

September: Spend Quality Time with Family

The first day of Fall is in September. It’s a little bit cooler outside and the year starts to slow down.

Take advantage of this downtime to strengthen your familial relationships.

Goal Ideas:

  • Attend a local college football game with family and friends
  • Declare a weekly game night to play some popular board games or make up your own
  • Gather around a bonfire to share some of your favorite stories and jokes

October: Discover New Ways of Self-Expression

I believe October is the best way to explore expressing yourself without anyone asking questions. It’s Halloween time, and you can dress up however you want.

People tend to get extra creative around this time so set goals that make you feel inspired and free.

Goal Ideas:

  • Do a 7 days of Halloween challenge where you dress up differently every day
  • Grab a sketchpad and draw the first thing that comes to your mind
  • Choreograph a dance to your favorite song

November: Gratitude

This month we give thanks and express gratitude.

Goal Ideas:

  • Create or decorate a journal to keep track of daily gratitude writings
  • Send a thank you note or card to people who’ve had a positive impact on your life
  • Participate in a 30-day gratitude challenge

December: Turn Inwards for Reflection

The year has come to an end, and it’s time to reflect on challenges and lessons learned.

Goal Ideas: 

  • Organize your most memorable experiences and moments into a physical or digital scrapbook
  • Analyze your prior goals and remove the goals that no longer align with you
  • Choose one habit that you’d like to improve or start in the new year

Best Tips to Achieve Your Goals for a New Month

1. Reflect on the Previous Month Before Looking Ahead

Before deciding on our dreams and goals, it’s important to take a break to look at what happened in the previous month.

What was accomplished? What worked well? In what ways can I improve when setting my new monthly goals?

2. Set Intentional Goals for Each New Beginning

For each new month, you’re setting new intentions. Be specific and honest about what you’d like to accomplish.

Write down each goal. Then make a plan you can follow as you start a new month.

3. Adopt SMART Goals for the Win

Utilize the SMART goals framework to make sure you don’t set unrealistic goals.

4. Be Willing to Adjust Goals Mid-Month

As you’re working towards your goals, remember that nothing is set in stone. If something isn’t going as expected or maybe you overshot your initial goal, take a step back to reevaluate.

After reevaluating, you may need to set a new goal that is more closely aligned with where you’re currently in life.

5. Stay Inspired With Motivational Quotes

I love reading inspirational quotes from others, and I also like making up my own.

You can put together a set of quotes that align with your goals and that will remind you of the reasons why you set these goals in the first place.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

– Zig Ziglar

How Are You Setting Your Goals for the New Month?

use the new month to set new goals

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